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‘The Fallen’ Video

From the offset, we wanted to be much more involved with our videos.Previously, we’d give the lads a song and ask them to come up with an idea for it and that would be that.They’d go off and shoot and ‘presto’ we had a music video!

This time around, we met nearly every week for a few months, discussing the video and its themes and banging out the idea which we now know as the piece.We’re imennsely proud of the outcome, and hope that it sets the tone for when you listen to the album.From the videos to the artwork to the lyrics to the music, we wanted a complete identity for this album.To put an image in peoples head of what we’re about and for them to associate that image with us and ultimately, good songs.

I hope we’re achieving that with what we’ve given you so far.

We have to thank everyone involved in making that video, Brian and Sean of Souljacker always, always give us insanely well put together music videos and have maintained the high quality of output they set out for in ‘Vacant Hearts’.They were a dream to work with, always upbeat and helpful and 100% focused on making it as good as it could be. As you can see from the content, Sophie was amazing.She acted superbly well, and really encapsulated what we wanted from a lead in our videos.We knew from the beginning that it would be too easy to have  a guy play the lead (as all the songs are written from the male perspective).So we flipped it on it’s head and tried to let the lead in the video go through the apparent suffering that the male goes through in the lyrics.


The next puzzle in the piece is the album and I really, really can’t wait for you all to hear it (and to post an unnecessarily long post about it upon its release!).