The Third Post

So it’s been a little while since we released ‘the fallen’ into the world and we’ve been really blown away with the response.On a personal level, it’s a song that i’m really proud of.I remember coming up with the weird guitar intro thing and then just fitting that bass line around it.I then played it to Marc and he instantly liked it, claiming that the intro was ‘a bit Steve Reich-ey’ (which I disagreed with!) and the drum pattern soon followed.

We then had the idea to put this guitar riff which appeared near the end of the song at the start, which would then in turn kick off the main part of the song.It’s kind of the first time we let a song evolve, and not just bash it out from start to finish and it’s something which we’re trying to do a lot more of.

It’s really an odd first few seconds as a single, I mean in context of the album (which you will hear soon) it fits perfectly as two songs are bled into each other. Having said that, I was against the idea of having a ‘radio-edit’ for the song. I just don’t think we’re a ‘radio-edit’ kind of band!

Anyway, hopefully this has given you a little insight into how the song came about and it’s origins.

Thanks for reading.



The Artwork for Burials

This is the cover I made forĀ Burials, and here’s a little blog on where it came from.


The Second Post

I get worried when I hear an artist like Chelsea Wolfe just rip through a 5 note guitar riff over and over and I’m there, in my room, trying to create these intricate melodies and counter melodies when her simplicity beats the shit out of whatever I am attempting.

It’s funny, when we designed our old MySpace page I’d put our genre as Indie/Acoustic/Minimalist.As we’ve progressed, we’ve become alot less like two-thirds of that description and I guess it’s some sort of natural evolution.
Back in the day, I feared under-complicating things because I thought that the listener would loose interest if I wasn’t always constantly doing something instead of standing around looking angry/upset.It was that insecurity which set the tone for the earlier works, and I feel I have learned a huge amount since then.
When recording the album, I really wanted to convey a sense of confidence in our songs.Partly because we very much have that confidence, and partly because I really admire debut albums that do that.From the moment I pressed play, I loved feeling part of an experience where a band were playing loud and together and you knew it didn’t matter to them who listened.I listened to albums from the likes of Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes etc and really loved the confidence they exuded.
Hopefully, we’ve succeeded in doing that.
There’s a fine line between having confidence in your sound and using that confidence to become ego-driven and narcissistic.I hope we never fall down that path as there’s nothing worse than seeing a band who think they are better than everyone else.
I know we have a lot to hone in on, songwriting wise.There are so many styles I want to explore and having Yvonne a part of the band, really has opened up alot of musical doors for me.Also, actually knowing how to use effects and play electric guitar when writing songs now makes me realise exactly where I was at when recording the album towards the end of last year. However, I really enjoyed limiting myself to 4 and 8 bar loops for it.It’s almost a concept album in itself, though that term has many negative connotations.The repetitive nature of the loops should hopefully never be realised, and it should just flow rather than repeat.
In case you haven’t realised, I’m the member of the band who constantly analyses pretty much every aspect of what it means to be in a band and how all outside factors determine everything about it.
This is probably unhealthy, but I am glad to have a place to document these words so you all know the point where I begin to go mad from over-thought.


The First Post

So I have been enlisted to post the first (of many) official word gatherings on our brand new blog.
I can start by saying that I’m currently super-super excited about our album coming out in 2 months (or whatever time it is to you when this gets published).
I’ve been going back and forth on being excited and frustrated, and then excited again but we have not long to go now and we’ve so much planned that I hope will excite you too.
We finished recording in February, and what we have discovered is that it takes a long time to put out your first record when you want everything to be perfect.I’m happy with the recording still (thank God).Oh I’ve tried to poke hole after hole in it, but I came to the realisation that there’s not much point in doing that, and that the band I am in now, is a very different one to the one which recorded the album.The addition of Yvonne on bass has proved to be somewhat of a turning point in terms of musicality and the band dynamic Marc and myself had.Everything has changed in such a short space of time, and the album is effectively the last piece in our work as a duo.
Having said that, we will be playing it all as a three-piece and part of the reason Yvonne was asked to join, was that the parts I was writing for bass were becoming increasingly too complicated for me to play live when looping everything else.
This should result in the songs being given new life when you see them being preformed.We are a tight-knit three piece band now, and that will give our songs a completely different energy.Hopefully a positive one.

These ramblings will hopefully document how I think about the band far too much, and how I should probably just pick up my guitar and try and write again.

Thanks for reading,