So I guess it’s time for us to knuckle down and continue to write the follow up to ‘Burials’. I think this’ll be my last post for a while because there’s not going to be much more to say until we’ve got to a place where I feel the album has come together.This thing can prove to be useful, acting as an outlet for the thoughts in my head, but I’m very aware that I could just sit down at my computer a dozen times and start writing about the direction we’re taking and/or how that makes me feel.I think if I was reading it I would be thinking ‘Jesus, just record the damn thing already’.

Which is what we intend on doing.Before the end of the year, we aim to have whittled down enough material to go into the studio and work on our second record, (and significantly) our first as a three-piece.It’s hugely important that we get it done before the end of the year. I feel a large gap between albums could stunt our musical growth and on a personal level, I’ve just got so many ideas burning holes in my head that I need to get them recorded.I’m going through a phase at the moment where I’m extremely lucky to be stumbling across ideas that are sticking and evolving the way I want them to, taking them to the band and crafting songs out of them.It doesn’t always flow like this.

Perhaps this is part of the reason why I want to take a break from the blog.I’m in a creative patch and feel like just going into musical hibernation away from the internet and all it’s evils, only to probably have to retreat back to it to write about how difficult our way of songwriting actually is.Only time will tell I suppose.

I’ve no idea how many people actually read these anyway but the response to them has been really positive.I did not set out to ‘spill my guts’ on this thing, just hoped that I could write about what it’s like to be in a band, in an honest way.I don’t believe people should be under any illusions as to how difficult it can be or how crazy we probably are to be writing original sounding songs when most of what is consumed at the moment is a version of something else.But in the exact same breath, it needs to be remembered how lucky we actually are to be able to do it in the first place. We’ll continue to plug away at this.Not in a quest to find new fans, but to try and pay back all those of you who are currently listening to our music by writing better songs.

I can’t really finish without mentioning the last tour we did.Reading back on the blog I wrote after the album tour in October, I’m beginning to get a new sense of perspective on what my expectations were.I was so focused on how many people came and what that meant in the great scheme of things, that it took away from what the songs meant to me and my ability to play them in front of people.

This last tour, I began to focus on why I write the lyrics I do and why the songs mean so much to me and how good it felt to play them with the guys.Everything else seemed rather irrelevant. People came, they listened, bought our record, (which I’m very grateful for) and I don’t know why but it all seemed much easier. It was the best we’ve played as a band and getting to play a couple of new songs was great.Hearing them beam out of venues PA’s and seeing peoples reactions gave me much more confidence in the direction we’re taking.

I’m trying to reach some grand conclusion but I guess it always doesn’t have to end that way.I said to a promoter on the last tour that our journey with this thing  is a ‘long game’ and he just laughed, agreed and said that it was the best way to look at it.

Thanks for reading and continuing to support us.







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