Listen Up, Zone out

It’s around this time where I try and put myself under unnecessary pressure after thinking of something that would work really well if incorporated to our live show.Of course I’ve only given myself a week to hammer it out, but it may actually work.Only time will tell.

I’m really looking forward to this tour.I think it’ll be our last here for a while and will serve as an indicator of how how far we have come as a live band as well as seeing how many people we can move to come see us play.We’re going to then get our heads down for the remainder of the year to finish writing and recording our second album.Ideally we’d like to have it out in the next 12 months, and when we have a target, we usually stick to it.

Every summer, a lot of people ask us if we will be playing any festivals , and I guess it’s not something that has always come our way for whatever reason.It’s definitely something that we would like to do ( I think we’ve gone down well in the past as a two-piece), but we’re not going to break our backs trying to achieve something that may not end up actually being rewarding at all.I’d much prefer us to write and record, as I’m getting more and more excited with the possibilities for our second album. I’ll probably blab on about the processes involved and the sounds we’re getting in future posts.

I’m getting fascinated about abandoning everything and going into a house in the middle of nowhere to write for a while, but I can’t get out of my head that the act itself has been transformed into a giant musicians cliche at this point.I mean, I’m not even sure if it would work, or if my songwriting would benefit from it.Maybe I too am becoming a cliche.

When friends talk to me about the band, many of them are hearing me say that we intend the next album to be an easier record for people to digest, and they all think that this means we’re going to pander to the masses and create some stadium rock drivel.I’ve heard a lot of  ’do what feels right to you’, and I guess this is exactly it.We can only go one way, and that is to simplify some elements of our songwriting.

In writing this post, I’m also realising how susceptible  I can be to other peoples ideas and thoughts on the band.It’s quite  hard, as you’ve a lot of people who care about your output trying to advise you in the best way they can. I think there are two main ways that musicians can see their work deteriorate over time . You can either walk around completely distanced from reality, living in a musicians bubble, or you can begin to have your head turned by others and let them influence your creative decisions. I think that there is a middle ground which exists.Taking advice from people you trust whilst being able to shut everyone out when you’re writing.This is the ground we’re trying to walk on.

It all seems so easy in theory.See you on the tour hopefully.



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