A (final) introspective

So the dust has settled on the tour, and I’ve had time to digest all we’ve achieved and the many lessons we’ve learned in the process.

There are aspects of it which I’m extremely happy with.Having a whole team on board was something which provided us with a new spirit going into each show.Every person involved is pulling in the same direction as you and it makes the mentality of achieving what you set out to much easier.From Adrian, a friend of ours who offered to roadie and became irreplaceable as a result – to Hector, whose visuals provided our live performance with a new and added depth, we had a team in which each member was as important as the other.

Having our own sound engineer on board was something we knew we wanted from the off and in Ber Quinn, we really lucked out.He was simply a great sound man, making us feel incredibly comfortable and confident on stage.A special mention must go out to Mark Willis of Bluestack Records, who I know will stick with us until we get what we want out of this.He has been a revelation to me personally, taking all my fears on board and as well as nullifying them, turns them into something positive.Everyone that was there knew they had a job to do, and there were no ego’s (apart from my questionable own!) flying around which might have hampered the spirit of things.

I went into the tour thinking that if we made an album we were proud of and well rehearsed a tight set list, then the shows would look after themselves.I didn’t listen to all the naysayers (and still don’t) that predicted ultimately how difficult a financial climate we were operating in, and how that would affect our shows.I now know that this is going to take a little longer than I had originally/naively thought, but we are prepared for the long haul and  are setting out plans for the next 6-8 months.

This is probably the last introspective post I will write, as what has happened in the past serves little use been written about here.We’ll be looking onwards and upwards once again in the renewed belief in ourselves and our songs.






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