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I’ve been asked quite a lot recently about how the album title came about, and here is where I try and explain it’s origins.

Most people have told us that it’s quite a morose title, which out of context I guess it can be.The whole ‘burials’ title derives from a line in an excellent Justin Vernon song.

‘I have buried you, in every place I’ve been.You keep ending up, in my shaking hands’.

The album had been almost completely recorded, and I found this theme running throughout my lyrics.I was listening to this record a lot and everything seemed to fit in place.The songs are mainly about someone trying to bury the past, in whatever manifestation it takes.And also struggling with the fact that you probably can’t bury anything forever.The resulting frustration due to the subsequent surfacing of the past, comes out in other songs on the album.

I have to say, the response to the album streaming has been great so far.It’ll disappear tomorrow, only to immediately resurface in physical form in 5 music shops across the land.

They are-

  • Tower Records, Dublin
  • The Secret Book and Record Store, Dublin
  • Elastic Witch, Dublin
  • The Bell Book & Candle, Galway
  • Pluggd Records, Cork

I just deleted the long paragraph detailing the importance of record stores, I just felt like I’d read it many times before.

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