The Third Post

So it’s been a little while since we released ‘the fallen’ into the world and we’ve been really blown away with the response.On a personal level, it’s a song that i’m really proud of.I remember coming up with the weird guitar intro thing and then just fitting that bass line around it.I then played it to Marc and he instantly liked it, claiming that the intro was ‘a bit Steve Reich-ey’ (which I disagreed with!) and the drum pattern soon followed.

We then had the idea to put this guitar riff which appeared near the end of the song at the start, which would then in turn kick off the main part of the song.It’s kind of the first time we let a song evolve, and not just bash it out from start to finish and it’s something which we’re trying to do a lot more of.

It’s really an odd first few seconds as a single, I mean in context of the album (which you will hear soon) it fits perfectly as two songs are bled into each other. Having said that, I was against the idea of having a ‘radio-edit’ for the song. I just don’t think we’re a ‘radio-edit’ kind of band!

Anyway, hopefully this has given you a little insight into how the song came about and it’s origins.

Thanks for reading.



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